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Tree Survey Specialists

At Tree Squadron, we know first-hand how large a role trees play in our ecosystem. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t cause a range of different problems if not looked after correctly. Analysing and inspecting trees is something that’s vital to understanding how safe trees are for those who own the property they live on, individuals looking to buy a property, and commercial business owners, especially if you have the public visiting your site or place of work.

Whether the property has one or one-hundred trees, a tree inspection and in-depth survey should be undertaken. Safety is of paramount importance not only to those who own the property but also to the general public. Managing and mitigating any risks that the trees may pose can prevent damage to property and harm to people. Ensuring your survey is carried out by a qualified tree surgeon in Cardiff with both City & Guilds and Lantra qualifications is key.

Tree Squadron can carry out in-depth tree surveys in Cardiff, Newport, Penarth and across South East Wales, using our knowledge of the region to suggest tree surgery solutions that have worked in the local ecosystem.

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Tree Inspections

To fully understand the condition of the trees on your land, we conduct a range of inspections to get the full picture of their health and their safety. Below are some of the main aspects we cover during a tree survey.

Tree Decay Analysis

Decay can be present in many trees but can range in severity. If any decay is detected in any of your trees, we need to understand the impact it has on the overall health and safety of the tree. We are able to analyse the fungi that may be present and see how much impact this has on a certain area of the tree.

Aerial Tree Inspections

Having an aerial view of trees is definitely needed; there are often a range of issues that can only be spotted from above which may go unnoticed if this is not conducted. Most of the time inspections can be done through the use of a ladder, but for times where your tree is above 3 metres in height, we will use a harness to inspect the full canopy.

If you feel your trees fall into this category, please let us know so that we can prep the appropriate high-access equipment.

Disease Identification

We will also look to see if any diseases are present on the tree that might not be immediately noticeable. This includes common tree diseases such as ash dieback and Dutch elm disease. By knowing what’s affecting your tree, and spotting it as early as possible, it can make tree problems easier to resolve.

In addition to the methods identified above, we will carry out a detailed health and safety report for you. This will include all of the potential risks from the current state of the trees and also identify any trees that we think could be hazardous.

Tree Advice and Consultation

Following on from the inspection and survey, you will receive our in-depth conclusions along with expert advice on which steps you’ll need to take to keep your trees healthy and safe. As well as advising on the next steps, we are able to carry out a wide range of tree services, including tree removal and pruning, stump removal and high access work.

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Tree Survey FAQS

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What our clients have to say

Excellent. Phil and the team go above and beyond. Very professional service.

Mr McMillan

Very pleased with these guys. V polite and efficient. Job was well done and they were easy to keep in contact with.

Mrs Chapman

Removed an Ash tree and pruned a very over grown Apple tree for us. Really lovely guys. Came exactly when they said they would, worked very efficiently and cleaned everything up afterwards!

Mrs Badman