Tree Survey & Inspection Services in Cardiff

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Although trees play a big part in our ecosystem they can cause a range of problems if not looked after correctly. Analysing and inspecting trees is something that is extremely important – It is vital to understand how safe trees are for those who may be homeowners, looking to buy a property and also for commercial property owners. Whether the property has one or one hundred trees, the inspection and survey should be done. Safety is of paramount importance not only to those who own the property but also to the general public. Managing the risk that trees may pose can prevent damage to property and also people. Ensuring your survey is carried out by a qualified tree surgeon with both city & guilds and the Lantra qualification is key. 

Make sure you can relax knowing that the trees on your land are safe by booking a detailed tree survey with us 

What are tree surveys?

To fully understand the safety of the trees on your land we conduct a range of inspections to get the full picture of the health of the tree(s). Below are some of the main things you can expect during a tree survey 

Tree Decay Analysis 

One of the most important things is to understand any decay that may be present in the tree. Decay can be present in many trees but ranges in severity, if decay is detected in any trees we must understand the impact it has on the overall safety of the tree. We are able to analyse the fungi that may be present and see how much effect this has on a certain area of the tree.

Aerial Inspections of the tree(s)

Having an aerial view of trees is definitely needed – there are often a range of issues that may go unnoticed if this is not conducted. Most of the time inspections can be done through the use of a ladder but for instances where the trees may be above around 3M we can use a harness to inspect the full canopy. 

If you feel your tree(s) fall into this category please do let us know so that we can prep the appropriate equipment. 

In addition to the two methods identified above, we will carry out a detailed health and safety report for you. This will have all of the potential risks of the current state of the trees and also identify any trees that we think could be hazardous. 

Following on from the inspection and survey you will receive our conclusions and advice on any steps that may need to be taken. We know that tree safety is new to most people and will work with you to ensure that all the knowledge is relayed in an easy to understand way for full clarity. 

Why use Tree Squadron?

Tree squadron specialises in a range of tree surgery, removal and surveys – All of our team members are qualified tree surgeons with years of experience. As a business we are fully insured so you do not need to worry about any damage to your property or premises whilst we work. In addition to this, we are available 7 days a week and can cater for trees up to a height of around 40 meters. Like all plants trees require maintenance and we advise you do not leave things to get worse as they can pose a serious health risk to those in your property and the general public

Please do get in touch with a member of the team today as we are on hand to answer your questions and help you with any tree-related issues you may be having.