Hedge Trimming

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Professional Hedge Trimming Service in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

 At Tree Squadron, our hedge trimming service in Cardiff allows you to have control of the shape, thickness, and height of your hedges, which is very important for privacy. A regularly trimmed hedge usually grows denser than the hedge left to grow by itself. Tree Squadron provide an excellent hedge trimming service and shrub maintenance, from shrub pruning to extensive hedge cutting and trimming. We have a wide variety of tools that aid us in undergoing tasks professionally as well as being cost-effective.  

 Hedge trimming involves the removal of annual growth from your hedges to make it easier to maintain the area in which they are situated, as well as maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shape. Hedge trimming is recommended once a year to maintain the best shape. Hedge maintenance can be a bigger job than you are capable of.  It may be that the hedge has been neglected for a while and just needs bringing back to a manageable size.

 A borderline hedge is typically a joint responsibility of both the neighbours.  Firstly, it is important to have an agreement with your neighbour beforehand. You have the right to trim the part that intrudes over your borderline. Your neighbour is required to ask for your authorisation to trim the hedge that is on your property. The same case will apply to you. Agreeing with your neighbour is essential.

 Why choose our hedge trimming service?

Regular hedge trimming services from a reputed company like us will help you save you money. Our experts don’t just trim the hedges safely but also cut any outgrown falling trees in your area. We will trim the hedge carefully and also clean the entire area. It is important to have your hedges assessed and kept neat with our hedge trimming service. If you are having a problem with your hedge, call us today to get your hedge back to its perfect condition.

We also offer yearly maintenance services for your hedge trimming in Cardiff that will help to keep your hedges in good condition. We remove all the trimmings from the site, thus, leaving your garden tidy and neat after completion. All work is completed safely to avoid any harm to the residents as well as to other trees.

Don’t wait for your hedge to overgrow before contacting Tree Squadron. We are a fully-insured company offering services at competitive pricing. Contact us to receive a quote and learn the benefits of having an expert in caring for your hedge.

We also offer an annual maintenance service to keep your hedges in a uniformed condition. We remove all trimmings from site, leaving your garden neat and tidy upon completion.

If you would like some more information regarding our Tree Surgery Services in Cardiff then please do get in touch with a member of the team – We look forward to helping you