Tree Removal Services

We carry out tree removal and tree felling in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

Removal of a tree is sometimes required if it is dead, diseased or dangerous. Every tree varies in size and location; our staff are highly skilled to safely remove any sized tree in various locations including confined spaces. Depending on the type of tree and its location, it can be removed by three ways – dismantling, sectional felling and felling.

Tree Felling

Felling allows the arborist to fell the whole tree from the ground. Sectional felling means that the tree is felled in sections, which are usually rigged down to prevent damage to your property. A tree can be dismantled using rigging equipment, but if the tree has become unsafe to climb and cannot be felled, a work platform (cherry picker) or crane may be required to make sure the whole operation is safe.

When trees wither, get old, or even die, they can be hazardous and nuisances for your home, especially during natural disasters such as storms. When planning to remove such trees from your backyard, it is essential to hire a professional tree surgeon.

Cleaned Landscape

Hiring Tree Squadron ensures that your property is free from pests and rodents, which are prevalent in hiding around old trees. As professional tree surgeons, we remove all old, damaged, or diseased trees, leaving your property cleaner.

Use of Modern Tools and Equipment

Whether you want to prune overhanging tree branches, trim, or cut down trees causing obstructions in your property, we have advanced equipment for the job. You can rest assured that your home will be safe and clean after professional tree cutting.


If the old or the overhanging tree branches are left unattended, they can be a threat to the safety of people living within the residential home. We will tend and cut these trees with your security in mind. We will cut the trees without putting your life and that of the passers-by at risk.

Emergency Services

With the unpredictable occurrence of natural calamities such as storms, old or weak trees might likely get struck down. No need for alarm, though. We have a team of professionals who are responsive to emergencies.

Maintenance of the Young Trees

Our professional tree surgeons also help you in maintaining the young trees that are growing alongside the old ones. Once the unwanted trees have been removed, we help you to detect and eliminate possible diseases and insects found around the young trees. This helps in maintaining the aesthetics of your yard.

Tree Squadron is a leading tree removal service provider across Cardiff and the surrounding areas. We partner with all our customers to ensure that they get the best tree removal service. We have assembled the best minds in the field of tree removals to ensure that our clients are satisfied in every single detail of our services.

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